---Visual Artist: Eva Laila Hilsen
Besøksadresse: Garlivegen 7, 2900 Fagernes, Norway
Galleri Hilsen
Postadresse: Postboks 145, 2901 Fagernes, Norway
Telefon: +47 61 36 04 01 / +47 905 24 365 



GALLERY HILSEN is situated close to the center of Fagernes, approximately 100 m behind Fagernes Kjøpesenter. In and outside the gallery you can see the works of Eva Laila Hilsen.

She is educated at the National Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo, and is a member of the Norwegian Visual Artists. She has had a lot of separate-and collective exhibitions at home and abroad, and has taken part in biennials and triennials on four continents. She is represented in official and private collections, has received scholarships and awards, and has made many decorations.

She works with paintings, graphic prints and drawings, and she also gives classes in the same subjects in her house, which together with the gallery, studio and course room is called – KULTURARENA G7.

The gallery is open during summer, half-fermented Trout Exhibition and during Christmas Period. In June/July there will also be exhibition and classical concerts in the gallery in cooperation with the Valdres Summer Symphony. In addition to the regular exhibitions, she welcomes you to ring the doorbell by her blue door, call for a guided tour in the gallery, and also to make her arrange classes for groups or individuals. See catalogues/advertisements at the reception, in the Tourist office etc.

Eva Laila Hilsen